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Based on the findings of this thread on Hummy.tv hdr-fox-t2-file-ts-editing this is an attempt to summarise the results and findings of that thread into a reference point for those looking to tidy up their collection of recordings using P.C. based software programs.

On request new sections have been added to allow coverage of Conversion and Re-Authoring solutions.

On the Box Editing

A new utility called Nicesplice is now available in the Customised Firmware Package here :- Go to Edit On Box

As this feature requires use of the box to set up the bookmarks other viewers of the TV at the time might find that distracting so solutions for off the box editing, converting and re-authoring and will continue to be investigated/reviewed below.

Points To Note:

  • All content Both Standard Def. and Hi-Def on the Humax is encrypted, Files FTP’ed directly off the unit can not be played or edited. There are several ways to decrypt the Content, They include copying SD and “Foxied” Hi-Def content to USB or Streaming or using utilities included in Custom Firmware package, All of which are detailed on this site
  • While these programs have been tried out on personal machines as part of the review process, please take whatever precautions/backups/restore points you feel are necessary before loading software on your own machine
  • We looked for Freeware as a rule but during the search it became apparent that there were some very capable paid solutions out there as well as Freeware.
  • The tests were carried out on files recorded on the Humax HDR Fox T2 (and using the Modified Firmware to facilitate decryption and downloading)
  • It also became clear that the availability of Codecs on each individual machine played an important part in how many of the programs work - especially for Audio.
  • It also transpired that changing the file extension of the Hummy files to .mp4 sometimes made them acceptable to programs that otherwise wouldn't like the .ts files, however this trick seemed to work better for SD than it did for HD and was not a guaranteed trick in all cases. Outputting to mp4 files (with H264 AAC contents) also seemed to be acceptable to the Humax both on board and across the network.
  • People may find that they get or have had different experiences with the programs listed here - this probably can't be a 100% guide due to each persons machine configuration/codec support etc being different but hopefully it will help people choose the programs to shortlist for their own selections and save time by avoiding the time wasters and non starters.

Editing Solutions:


The key minimum requirements were:

  1. Take native *.ts files (SD and HD) as downloaded off the box and import/load straight into the editing program
  2. Allow simple trims to remove lead ins/outs and advert breaks
  3. Output to a format that would play back on the Hummy (including trick play aka transport controls) or via a USB or network drive (with or without DLNA) without the need for additional transcoding steps

FreeWare Solutions

  • Avidemux

Avidemux will edit / convert Humax *.TS file in both Hi-Def and Standard Def.


  • Avidemux Versions Available HERE is capable of producing files compatible with the Humax
  • High Def. TS files from the Humax may have missing audio, if so open TS in Handbrake, Leave the video size unchanged and set the output to mp4. Under Video select QSV set for Constant Quality 25 Balanced. Don't touch the audio, the saved file will open in Avidemux with a working audio track
  • Freemake

(latest version 2.3.4 at time of writing) has been successfully used to trim and edit SD files once copied and decrypted off the Hummy. Smaller HD files also seem to be accepted by the software although file size vs performance makes testing very dependent on the power of the hardware. Provides sliders for long range transport and frame advance, selection of cut points, has a very good selection of predefined output formats. There is no TS format but MP4 is acceptable to the Hummy and can be customised for resolution and audio. The outputted files play well on the box and over a network, with no discernible audio issues (lip sync, quality etc).

  • So think movie dvd maker

This program claims to edit a *.TS file and create a file structure for burning to DVD. Note:- some versions of this program carry the somoto virus


This program claims to take in both Hi-Def and Standard Def. TS files and convert them MPEG2 suitable for DVD packaging, It also claims to have editing which would remove adverts etc.


  • Free editor link HERE


Version 1.11.94 SHA256:e71ee9fa709efb30b914e988d93df0fd89772656902a95cb75571ffcf06ff626 is reported by AntiVirus ByteHero as containing Trojan.Malware.Win32.xPack.m Because of this Virus report, This program has not been tested by the author

  • Video ReDo
    • $47 to $96 depending on capability. This is a quick write up because quite simply it seems to be the gold standard in terms of managing the files that are produced by the HDR.
    • The interface is intuitive, well laid out, allows frame by frame editing and re-saves the edited file quickly. There is a fully functional trial version available from their website. It does what it says on the tin. It really is the price that is the only negative on this solution but the return is the time saving when processing the files.There are a number of options in the overall offering - the version that caters for HD files (as well as SD) is the TVSuite H264 version coming in at $95.99. There are cheaper versions ($47 or £75) but they won't handle the HD recordings, only SD.

  • Smart Cutter by Fame-Ring licensed version $40 - PLEASE READ BEFORE TRYING -
    • This one turned out to be a bit of a 'Marmite'. You can read the findings in full in the thread starting Here (click) (and many thanks again to fenlander for putting up with the program and me during testing) but in summary everything about this program seems to leave something to be desired - apart from how well the program handles actually doing the job of editing HD files!
    • I will list the Cons first: The website could be considered untidy and certainly in broken English. The install itself is less than conventional - the default is to put the files into the C:\ drive (but you can choose somewhere else during the install), there were mixed results about the program appearing in the Start menu, and on first run what appears to be a (harmless) File Manager type program runs but is then never seen again, the Help file is in the loosest definition of the word, and there was varying success with working with multiple files/clips (ranging from not working to no problems at all).
    • Now the Pro's - I only ever found that it worked! It loaded HD/SD files very quickly (even a huge 11Gig HD movie), immediately allows frame by frame navigation very responsively, easy selection of segments to keep, it worked for me with two input files trimmed, edited and output as a single ts file ready to play on the Hummy. Arguably as fast working with the HD files as VideoRedo (personally I think it was faster on screen but I couldn't test the output time in full using the trial version). A cheaper option to VideoRedo for HD capability.
    • So this really is a case of how much for how much - we can only report what we have found out with this program (there was no evidence of anything malicious as far as we could tell) but I have listed it because a) for me at least the program itself did work despite all the other Cons and b) you can see what's been found out about this program so far and c) if you can get past some of the rough edges it is a lot cheaper than VideoRedo for HD editing. I (and others) have tried these programs before listing them here but as with all software - please take whatever precautions/backups/restore points you feel are necessary before installing anything.

Editing Applications Trialled To Date

This list will evolve not only as programs appear, but also as they get updated to newer versions. If anyone trials these products (in relation to the scope items at the top of the page) please note your findings on the main thread hdr-fox-t2-file-ts-editing so we can update the sections above. I'll also try to update the relevant version numbers in the list below so we can keep track of updated versions becoming available.

  • Avidemux - free - even with the audio offset the audio is always behind the video. Doesn't like HD files
  • AVSVideo Editor - paid -
  • AVSVideo Remaker - paid -
  • Easy Video Splitter - free - wont recognise the ts files to load
  • Freemake - free - see recommended
  • H264Cutter - b******ered up my windows had to system restore!
  • iWiSoft Video Convertor -
  • Lightworks - free - professional movie industry tool - free but very hefty!
  • LiVES - Linux Video Editing System - a ready made Linux distro containing a variety of Media editing tools built in and ready to use. Comes as an ISO for creating a bootup disc to run on your windows machine (can also create you a USB Stick bootup version). Openshot looked promising for SD although it struggled with an HD file. More playing required?
  • Pinnacle video spin - didn't like the file types (and loads up some sort of P2P client? boo!)
  • Power Video Cutter - lost the audio in the cut version
  • SolveigMM AVI Trimmer+MKV - Free - is a pretty decent editor, but as its name suggests, it only works on .avi and .mkv files
  • TSConvertor - not free
  • TSSniper - free - an unfinished project as far as we can tell. Very neat interface, nice to use, but audio on outputs seemed locked to MP1 audio. Also didn't like HD
  • Ultra Video splitter - also lost the audio in the cut version
  • Videopad - paid - not bad but not as free as it suggests on their website
  • VideoReDo - paid - see Recommended
  • VLMC - VideoLanMovieCreator - from the makers of VLC Media Player - still very much Beta and experimental - one to watch if it ever progresses
  • X2X Free Video Trim - needed rename to mp4, only SD, very basic transport controls




The key minimum requirements were: (draft scope - in progress)

  1. Take native *.ts files (SD and HD) as downloaded off the box and import/load straight into the Conversion program
  2. The output file should...TBC

FreeWare Solutions

Conversion Applications Trialled To Date

  • Handbrake - free - Converter only - Will convert Hi-def with DD5.1 to mp4 of MKV



The key minimum requirements were: (draft scope - in progress)

  1. TBC

FreeWare Solutions

Re-Authoring Applications Trialled To Date

Other External Lists/Links


  • http://www.bandshed.net/AVLinux.html - AVLinux is something to help with trying Linux software on your Windows machines - a customised LiveCD/USB ISO specifically aimed at handling Multimedia. Includes AVIDemux, Cinelerra, KDenLive, LiVES and Openshot and other handy conversion and player utilities. There is of course the standard Ubuntu Live option but AVLinux claims to be tuned towards media work.