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ChaseDecrypt - Decrypt while recording


ChaseDecrypt runs whilst a recording is in progress allowing remote access to a programme via file Sharing and a media player like VLC.

This package is experimental and is not intended to be a replacement for Auto Decrypt

You can choose that all programmes for specified channels are processed using the Channel inclusion list or just certain programs by using the Folder flags

If a programme is selected for both ChaseDecrypt and DetectAds Chaserun then DetectAds will take the precedence.


ChaseDecrypt is in the Advanced Packages catalogue. You may need to press the Show button on the package list to display Advanced packages.

Chaseget, ir and some other packages used by ChaseDecrypt will be installed/upgraded automatically as needed.

ChaseDecrypt needs to be able to decrypt the file itself. For this, the minimum requirement is a network connection and to ensure Content Sharing is enabled via Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Share = On. This setting can be enforced using the bootsettings package.

For more information regarding the need for, and implementation of, decryption see Encryption or Decryption Guide ( forum).

Folder Flags

There is a new folder flag ChaseDecrypt which can be Enabled/Disabled via the Opt+ menu, when a new recording start in a folder with this flag it will be decrypted whilst it records. The flag has no effect on existing recordings.

The Auto Decrypt option should also be specified to provide a backup in case of failure during recording.


Settings page

Options specified via the webif Settings section for ChaseDecrypt are:

Original recording
Select what happens to original recording after successful processing
  • Keep, original is kept, decrypted version has -dec suffix
  • Move to Bin, Original is moved to dustbin (if Undelete package is installed), decrypted is renamed to original
  • Delete, Original is permanently deleted, decrypted is renamed to original
Other Options
Other options that can be specified are
Option Default Description
produce detailed debug
-misRdSec 0 How much data can be missing from decrypted recording before an error is raised (in Seconds)

Errors during decryption tend to be at the end of a recording and can often be recovered by retrying decryption once the recording is complete

-delSec 210 Delay start of processing until n seconds after recording begins

Initial delay to provide a reasonable batch of date to be processed

Channel inclusion list

Channel inclusion page

No channels are included by default.

You can type a generic matching rule such as 'BBC *' in the left hand or ctrl-click on specific channels and then click the ← button to transfer them to the left column. * would match all channels,

To remove entries from the left column position the cursor and use delete or backspace keys.

Thumbnail Generation

If you have the thumbnails package to generate thumbnail image following autodecryption that will not be triggered when using ChaseDecrypt. Instead you can use the Sweeper rule shown below to trigger thumbnail generation.

Sweeper rule for thumbnail generation

Change History

Date Version Author Description
2018-10-01 chasedecrypt 0.1.0-0 MymsMan Initial version