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Some notes on recording encryption.

Stock firmware

  • Every recording made by the Humax is encrypted before being stored on disk;
  • The encryption key is unique to each box and believed to be stored in an on-chip Hardware Security Module (HSM);
  • Copying a standard definition recording to an external disk (connected via USB) results in the Humax decrypting the file in the process [HDR model only];
  • Copying a high definition recording to an external disk will NOT decrypt it;
  • The HDR features a built-in FTP server but this only provides access to the raw files on disk. If you download files from the Humax via FTP, they will remain encrypted;
  • The HDR features a built-in DLNA media server which serves decrypted content to DLNA clients. However, it will only stream high definition content to clients that negotiate Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP);

Custom firmware

If you install the custom firmware and install the right packages, then:

  • High definition recordings can be treated in the same way as standard definition, i.e. decrypted on copy to external disk and streamed without DTCP;
  • Decryption on copy can be achieved with a virtual disk (much faster);
  • Recordings can be automatically decrypted in-place as a background task;
  • Selected recordings can be decrypted in-place via the web interface;
  • The HDR software can be temporarily loaded onto the HD in order to decrypt recordings (See Notes)

The steps required for decryption are detailed below:-


  • All Custom Firmware decryption requires DLNA to be enabled, Content Sharing must be turned on in the Humax menus (Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Settings)
  • The Unencrypt (Auto) package only runs over night, Auto-Decrypt is now recommended as a replacement
  • The DEC flag must be present if the Files are to be copied off the Humax via FTP, It is also required for other Custom Firmware functions such as :- Extract Audio, Extract to MPG etc.
  • Auto-Unprotect MUST be used for DLNA decryption of Hi-Def. content
  • The FOXY process only works via Remote Control OPT+ Copy
  • Red boxes do not require Custom Firmware to be installed
  • Decryption via Stripts can be carried out on the Humax or on a stand alone platform using these packages (Click HERE)