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End-of-life for Custom Firmware 2.xx

After the end of March 2015, custom firmware versions below 3.00 will no longer be able to download package updates directly from the package repository.

Devices will continue to run with the features they have and it will still be possible to download and install packages manually via the USB method but you do that at your own risk; new package releases will not have been tested on older CFW versions and things may break.

It is recommended that all users of the custom firmware ensure that their boxes are running version 3.00 or higher before April 2015.

Upgrade Options

There a number of different downloads available for Custom Firmware 3.xx based on different underlying Humax firmware versions. Each has a number of advantages and disadvantages which are summarised below.

Humax Version Advantages Disadvantages

1.03.12 (HDR)
1.03.02 (HD)

  • Iplayer works[1]
  • Works with new vertical-tuner hardware
  • Fixes BBC3/4 HD recording problem
  • Slow on-TV Guide
  • Unattended retunes[2]
  • Audio description volume problem

1.02.32 (HDR)
1.02.31 (HD)

  • Faster on-TV Guide (than 1.03.xx)
  • Iplayer no-longer works[1]
  • Unattended retunes[2]
  • Audio description volume problem
  • Problems recording BBC3/4 HD
  • Does not work with new vertical-tuner hardware[3]

(HDR & HD)

  • Faster on-TV Guide (than 1.03.xx)
  • Audio description better
  • No unattended retunes
  • Iplayer no-longer works[1]
  • Problems recording BBC3/4 HD
  • Does not work with new vertical-tuner hardware[3]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The BBC have removed support for the older Iplayer version used by Humax firmware 1.02.xx
  2. 2.0 2.1 Unattended retunes (and the associated wiping of the recording schedule) can be avoided by installing the disable-dso package.
  3. 3.0 3.1 See next section for details on hardware revisions.

Hardware Types

The Humax HDR-Fox T2 comes in two hardware revisions:

Original hardware with horizontal tuner sockets.
Can use any firmware version
RE hardware with vertical tuner sockets.
Can only use 1.03.xx firmware.

Upgrade Method

Custom Firmware 3.xx is a single unified installation package which upgrades both the Custom Firmware and the underlying kernel and Humax firmware.

Before proceeding with the upgrade, make sure that none of the following packages are installed:

  • rt3070
  • portal-xtra1
  • custom-portal

It's also recommended to upgrade all of your installed packages to the latest version.

See Install_Modified_Firmware for detailed installation instructions.