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If it is not practical to connect your Humax box to the Internet via a cable or wireless, then software packages can be loaded onto the Humax by placing them onto a USB Disk drive. The packages themselves can be downloaded from Each package is available for download as an individual file or as a bundle. A bundle contains the package itself along with all of its dependencies, and is the recommended and easiest way to install software.

Example Download

HummyPkg Download Example.png

Installation Steps

  • Place the files in the root directory (top-level folder) of your USB device;
  • Make sure the Humax is on and running normally;
  • Plug the USB device into a port.
The USB light will flash while the software is being installed;
The TV may show a menu relating to accessing media on the disk which can be safely ignored (press Exit to dismiss);
  • A log relating to the software installation will be created on the disk, named opkg_install.log.

Note Note: Some USB Devices are reported not to work, The reason for this is not fully understood, However the following Tips are known to help :-

  • Remove any other USB devices and power cycle twice (waiting for HDD spin down each time)
  • Do not use a USB extender cable
  • Removing all other files / re-formatting can prevent file fragmentation
  • Try both USB ports (HDR)
  • Try a different USB Device