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1.4.1 (14/03/2017)


  • Virtual VFD (front panel display) in web browser if redring is installed (this can be customised or hidden via EXTRA.css);
  • Fix many extended character issues (pound signs, letters with accents etc.); everything is now normalised to UTF-8;
  • Improved package management screen:
    • Removed advanced option to display additional packages;
    • Added real-time toggle at top right to enable display of additional packages;
    • Beta or non-base packages are shown in a different colour with annotation;
    • Package list can be sorted based on displayed columns;
  • Add option to stop sending backup files to the dustbin when automatically decrypting or shrinking;
  • Pseudo MP3 files can not be generated from a high-definition recording;


  • Allow skipping of last episode in current EPG data;
  • Fix restore of favourites (really this time);
  • Allow re-submission of completed queue jobs;
  • Queue post-action plugins are now run in priority order;
  • Automatically fix previously unsuccessful package updates;
  • Fixes for chunked transfer of package update progress in Chrome;
  • Do not continually attempt to decrypt a zero-byte failed recording;
  • Improve CGI conversation with web server;
  • Remove trailing space from generated password hashes (incompatible with newer lighttpd versions);

Other Changes:

  • Main menu icons will now use available screen width;
  • Default queue processing interval reduced to 10 minutes;
  • Upgraded [i]ffmpeg[/i] utility to version 2.8 which is faster than the previous version;
  • Upgraded bundled tablesorter library.

1.4.0 (30/01/2017)


  • Complete overhaul of the background auto-processing system thanks to inspiration and help from MymsMan;
    • Its work has been split into two separate tasks - media scanner and queue runner;
    • The media scanner adds jobs to the queue rather than processing them as it runs. This makes its run-time shorter and more predictable. It still performs fairly quick actions such as expire and de-duplication in-line;
    • Rather than scanning the recording tree once for each action (decrypt, dedup, shrink, etc.), the new media scanner scans the recording hierarchy just once per run. This change alone has halved the run-time (although it depends on the directory structure to some extent);
    • The default automatic processing scan interval has been changed from every 20 minutes to every 10;
    • Most existing automatic processing plugins (sweeper,flatten,flatview,newk) will work unchanged with the new system but updates are available so that they can take advantage of the new framework;
    • The badnts,arbookmarks and detectads (if using post-decrypt mode) plugins will not work properly and must be upgraded;
    • The web interface built-in actions (decrypt, shrink, etc.) are now implemented as plugins, just like any other extension package;
    • Background automatic tasks such as decryption and shrink now appear in the queue;
  • The queue diagnostic screen has been updated:
    • Shows more information about tasks;
    • Allow a task to be manually put on hold or re-submitted to the queue;
    • Provide links back to the media browser for each queue entry;
  • A link to the queue screen can be added to the main menu and toolbar (new option in Settings->Auto Processing);
  • Main menu icons now use all available window width;
  • It's now possible to manually specify MP2 or MP3 audio when manually adding files to the queue from the browse screen;
  • Viewing a schedule backup now shows favourites from the backup file too;
  • New hook to allow plugins to take action following the creation of a new directory (used by flatten to mark new folders as noflatten).


  • If a recording fails to decrypt, a system warning will only be generated after three attempts;
  • Restoration of favourite channels has been fixed;
  • The status panel was not correctly reporting MP3 extraction jobs;
  • Fix pkg _load method to handle packages with a missing description;
  • Fix duplicate suppression in system notifications for events with no associated date (such as system crashes);
  • Fix manual event scheduling (was reporting duplicate event).

Other Changes:

  • The . filename used for recursive flags has changed. Recursion is now indicated by the addition of an R (it was previously lower-cased);
  • Detect and report the CFW 3.11 kernel versions;
  • New {ts tsr} method to check if a recording was time-shifted.

1.3.3 (24/11/2016)


  • Add MP3 icons showing whether an MP3 file is audio layer II or III;
  • Allow plugins to populate the status display;
  • Populate the status display for one-off tasks started through OPT+;
  • Improve web page titles, including information on which page is being viewed (makes right clicking the back button more useful among other things);
  • Real-time scheduling (beta);
  • Indicate when an AR signal is actively being sought;
  • Allow plugins to add icons to the Diagnostics page;
  • Add the EPG maintenance service to the Service page;
  • Automatically restart the EPG maintenance service if it fails;
  • Support for beta package repository;
  • Pending schedule changes can now be cancelled from the visual view;
  • Reboot command now does a cleaner shutdown of services;
  • Reboot command attempts to fix the cause of failed reboots;
  • Reboot command now supports '-f' flag for fast reboot (based on work by prpr);


  • Update MUX name detection following service changes;
  • Allow the EPG hours to be set between 2 and 8 (was 2-6);
  • Fix special character escaping in a number of places;
  • Detect loader L7.26 on HD-Fox T2;

Other Changes:

  • Embedded JQuery upgraded to version 1.12.4;
  • Embedded JQuery-UI upgraded to version 1.12.1;
  • SQLite3 upgraded to version 3.15.1;
  • Jim interpreter upgraded to version 0.77;
  • Upgrade embedded tablesorter plugin to version 2.26.0.

1.3.0 (01/05/2016)


  • Recording conflict detection (on schedule display and when selecting events from the EPG);
  • Visual schedule view with tools to assist with resolving conflicts;
  • Schedule backup/restore screen moved to better place (on new tab bar within the schedule page);
  • New option which allows skipping a single episode within a series;
  • New option to refresh a schedule entry - causes the Humax software to revalidate it against the EPG;
  • Improved visualisation of pending actions on list schedule page;
  • Show start/end times when viewing a schedule backup file;
  • New day/time picker at top of grid EPG view (also allows clicking before the page has fully loaded);
  • Channels with no EPG data for the selected time period are now shown in the grid EPG view;


  • Single channel grid view didn't handle the clock change well (thanks to prpr);
  • Don't use BBC THREE to detect MUX PSB1/BBC A;
  • Disk diagnostics did not properly handle SSDs (thanks to prpr);
  • Some disks did not appear in eject drop-down;
  • Icons no longer jump around in the toolbar as they come in and out of focus;

Other Changes:

  • Improved locking mechanism;
  • Add missing context menu icons;
  • Diagnostics screen now shows output as it appears instead of all at the end;
  • Package screen now shows output as it appears instead of all at the end;
  • Loader version shown in version section;
  • Embedded JQuery upgraded to version 1.12.3.

1.2.8 (10/02/2016)


  • New diagnostics screen with more options including selecting maintenance and safe modes;
  • Improve reboot screen showing options that will take effect;
  • Error page displayed when browsing to non-existent page;


  • Fix the scheduling of one-off recordings so that the right instance is selected;
  • Significantly speed up the package management screens;
  • Significantly speed up package version checks;

Other Changes:

  • Updated to JQuery 1.12.0.

1.2.7 (31/01/2016)


  • Added back buttons on most OPT+ screens from media browser;
  • Route main navigation through central despatcher which can be modified by plugin hooks;
  • New Radio recording flag;
  • Add .m4v and .m4a files to those which are shown;


  • Fix progress bar on split recording string;
  • Show radio icon for radio recordings rather than the SD icon.

1.2.6 (03/01/2016)


theTVDB Integration:

  • Settings to enable theTVDB integration and increase the logging level;
  • Image caching for theTVDB integration;
  • Allow manual episode selection when automatic detection fails;
  • Cache detected series and episode information in .hmt file;
  • Customisable format for series and episode information added by dedup;


  • Remove 'part X of Y' and 'part X' from episode names;
  • Improvements to episode detection;
  • Show .m4a files when browsing;
  • Improve message about content sharing being disabled;
  • Fix folder size display when links are in use;
  • Fix channel change from EPG screen;
  • Fix twitter feed on main screen;

Other Changes:

  • Various improvements to the TVDB integration screens;
  • Remove Jim reference documentation from package;
  • Centralise breadcrumb path code;
  • Add {file write} function.

1.2.5 (05/10/2015)


  • Plugins can add icons against recording files in the web interface media browser;
  • Plugins can now add new buttons to the media browser screen.


  • Fix problem when deleting a .hmt file when one was already in the dustbin with the same name;
  • Fix file in-use check (thanks to prpr);
  • Setting an arbitrary flag through {ts} now updates the current flag set properly;
  • ITV4 is no longer on COM6/ARQ B.

Other Changes:

  • Improve disk diagnostics screen;
  • Improve {system rmdir_if_empty} routine.

1.2.4 (14/08/2015)


  • If the ir package is installed then an idle timer is displayed at top left of web interface screen;
  • New Make Executable button in file editor.


  • Disallow zero-length manual events;
  • Skip leading white-space when checking for a leading [ indicating a special folder;
  • Improved MUX identification;
  • Automatic processing now fixes ODEncrypted flag before passing object to plugins (thanks to MymsMan);
  • Always use DLNA URL for VLC playback (if recording is indexed) (thanks to MymsMan);
  • Media browser no longer checks for DLNA index if the DLNA server is disabled;
  • MP4 (and other) files which are DLNA indexed will have a DLNA icon (thanks to BlackHole);
  • The web interface no-longer automatically installs auto-unprotect (thanks to prpr);
  • Correct TSR calculation for edge condition (thanks to neilski);
  • Diagnostic feedback/output is now shown below the Run diagnostic option rather than off the bottom of the screen (BlackHole, MymsMan);
  • Do not show HD icon for SD channels carried on a DVB-T2 Mux (actually a fix to the hmt utility).

Other Changes:

  • Remove flatten code from main web interface - same functions now contained in flatten package and delivered through extension API.

1.2.3 (15/06/2015)


  • Decryption before DLNA indexing (thanks to Oatcake)
  • Automatic triggering of background processing on recording completion;
  • Initial support for TheTVDB integration;
  • Support for adding manual reservations;
  • New button to download entire log file.


  • Don't show flash icon for a recording which is progress;
  • Add multiple retries in the background processing when a file is in use;
  • Background processing now stops if a flag file is removed mid-run;
  • Do not report TSR buffer as a recording being played on a HD.

Other Changes:

  • Stagger background processing to move it away from common recording end times;
  • Red guidance icon changed to purple colour.

1.2.2 (22/02/2015)


  • Set system clock early in the boot process to prevent log entries from showing a date of 01/01/2000 or 01/01/1973;
  • Automatic rotation of log files (size and number to keep configurable in Advanced Settings);
  • New 'activity' log file (replaces previous 'record' log);
  • Last boot reason shown at bottom of main menu screen;
  • New reboot/restart framework. Fewer confirmations, warning about failure to reboot only shown when appropriate, less intrusive notification, show upcoming events;
  • Updated scheduled events screen with checkboxes for applying actions to multiple items, better sorting;


  • Reset unwatched recording flag following dedup;
  • dedup now keeps oldest file;
  • More consistency in log files (work in progress);
  • The web interface could fail to display due to a single corrupt file on the disk.

1.2.1 (05/02/2015)


  • Show lightning flash for recordings marked as failed in some way;
  • Show recording status in pop-up recording information dialogue;
  • Media eject drop-down now allows for rescanning of unmounted disks;
  • New log file, record.log, which logs completed recordings;
  • New CLI command - version;
  • New network settings module to allow configuration of Ethernet and Wi-Fi parameters;
  • Displays warning at top of screen if CFW version < 3.00.


  • Several code fixes and clean-ups for Jim 0.76;
  • Fix problem with restoring scheduled events from some channels in some regions;
  • Fix internal hexdump function;
  • Fix for identification of local MUXs in channel diagnostic screen.


  • Settings screen restructured to use modular approach;
  • Update Jim to 0.76.

1.2.0 (05/01/2015)

  • Media eject via icon at top left (HDR model only, when USB drives are detected);
  • Show blue guidance icon for programmes with general guidance and a red one for adult content. Icon is also shown in EPG listings;
  • New log viewer;
  • Add icons to OPT+ context menus (some copied from raydon's Foxsat package - thanks!);
  • Improvements to service management;
  • Improved page loading times;
  • JQuery upgrade;
  • Sort JQuery plugin includes by path length;
  • Detect COM6 MUX via ITV4 (fix from prpr);
  • Disable legacy rt3070 package if found.

1.0.18 (05/12/2014)

  • New disk space pie chart at top right;
  • Include dustbin size;
  • Introduce new hooks into media browser (for plugins to use);
  • Show .m4v files in media browser;
  • Allow sorting of diskspace summary screen;
  • Improve scheduling through the web interface. Now includes events from other channels in the same way that the standard Humax software does;
  • Backups now include the raw scheduled events;
  • Don't include TSR space in diskspace calculations if TSR isn't present;
  • Improve package repository connectivity check - now checks HTTP connectivity rather than ping;
  • Don't require repository connectivity to remove packages.

1.0.17 (07/10/2014)

  • Fix for scheduling series which span channels (based on work by, and patch from, prpr);
  • Fix schedule backup and restore for series which span channels;
  • Fix scheduling of events with % in their name;
  • Fix folder creation from schedule list;
  • Support changing folder for pending recording;
  • Fix width of toggle switches on settings page;
  • Add option to reset dedup in order to run it again on a folder;
  • Check connectivity to repository using ping in order to provide better error messages;
  • Fix display of certain network names on channel diagnostic page (patch from prpr).

1.0.16 (21/07/2014)

  • Add option to invert crop operations;
  • Include system serial number in the information shown on the main page;
  • Show channel icon against recordings in media browser;
  • Support bookmark management through the web interface;
  • The flag which indicates that a programme has been de-duplicated was not being set on the first dedup run;
  • Preserve the active package management tab on page refresh;
  • Fix incremental loading of data from package operations;
  • Allow plugins to specify a priority when registering hooks;
  • Status panel now shows more in-progress operations (such as shrinking);
  • Checking if a package is installed no longer requires locking the entire package system;
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

1.0.15 (14/06/2014)

  • Improved status (what the Humax is doing) display:
    • Faster and can take advantage of information provided by redring if installed;
    • Now shows more media types (e.g. .mp4, .mkv);
    • Now shows files being played from external media;
    • Includes folder information;
    • Better detection of chase play (thanks martxw);
  • Disk space calculations updated to match the on-TV figures. Percentage used/free still doesn't match but the web interface percentage is more accurate;
  • Disk space code optimised and now much faster;
  • File-in-use indication in media browser (suggested by cdmackay);
  • Optimised several in-use checks;
  • Show resume point for recordings;
  • Add additional hooks into the media browser (used by sweeper v2);
  • Customise the jquery.jConfirmAction plugin to make it more versatile;
  • Added {file tdelete} function, deprecating the tdelete library;
  • Added {system filename} method for converting special characters in filenames to _ in the same way as the Humax software does;
  • Some minor HTML cleanups (thanks for prpr).

1.0.14 (3/06/2014)

  • New auto-expiry options for folders allowing expiry based on age or number of recordings;
  • Automatic processing - do not attempt to decrypt HD recordings which are still protected;
  • Disable shrink option for already shrunk recordings;
  • Improvements to free disk calculation - now includes any reserved blocks;
  • Allow more time for reboot progressbar;
  • Add new hooks for plugins to add content to the browse page.

1.0.13 (11/05/2014)

  • Switch web server software from mongoose to lighttpd (see http://hummy.tv/forum/threads/4947/);
  • Defer shrink operations until after decrypt for folders set to do both;
  • Fix link back to settings from EPG screens.

1.0.12 (30/04/2014)

  • Restructuring to support running under different web servers.

1.0.11 (22/04/2014)

  • Convert all server-side include (SSI) pages to CGI;
  • No longer allow disabling of Mongoose web server from within web interface;
  • Show kernel version on front page;
  • Remove manual chunked encoding from scripts;
  • Remove legacy JS/CSS links;
  • Move web-interface specific settings to new section on settings page;
  • Preserve time stamps on files following decryption, shrinking etc;
  • Fix various checkbox select-all functions;
  • Fix wrap-around issue with single channel grid EPG;
  • Upgrade to JQuery 1.11.0;
  • Do not display .00 after byte values;
  • Restructure HTTPS certificate generation to remove dependency on Mongoose package;
  • Restructure web interface authentication to remove dependency on Mongoose package.

1.0.10 (03/03/2014)

  • Update to Jim 0.75;
  • Option to select audio extraction format;
  • Standard single-channel EPG was not always properly selected;
  • Fix for schedule backup page;
  • Fix for sort-by-date in mobile interface;
  • Fix for display of current automatic processing logging level on settings screen;
  • Add button to jump to current time in single channel EPG;
  • Strip redundant .00 in file size displays;
  • Fix series detection when scheduling (bug introduced in 1.0.9);
  • Replace switch with case in code (switch has been removed from Jim 0.75); add simple alias to cover common cases remaining in plugins.

1.0.9 (21/02/2014)

  • New grid-style single channel EPG;
  • Improve Restart required display and logic;
  • Improvements to package management. Faster, show upgrades screen following package update;
  • Option to create target folder for series recordings;
  • Fix position of schedule table header row;
  • Restructure backend code and files to improve HTML output and plugin maintenance (lots of changes behind the scenes);
  • Fix browsing from Safari and other webkit browsers on IOS7;
  • Fix sort-by-date for decrypted recordings;
  • Fix a problem with detecting whether a recording is in use when the name contains unicode characters.

1.0.8 (02/02/2014)

  • Properly maintain unwatched item count for folders in more places;
  • Improvements to package management screen:
    • Indication when loading data;
    • Buttons/tabs disabled while loading data;
    • Faster package list update;
    • Switch straight to upgrade tab following package update;
    • Dialogue boxes dismiss themselves when no errors are encountered;
  • Improvements to Save Stream;
  • Changes to Diagnostics -> Channels;
    • Consistent row colouring [BUGFIX];
    • Show MUX type;
    • Support/detect COM7;
    • Fix detection of PSB1, PSB3 and COM6;
  • Preserve recording timestamp when auto-decrypting;
  • Properly show current hostname in settings screen [BUGFIX];
  • Allow acknowledgement of decreased pending sector count on disk [BUGFIX];
  • Only look for the most recently created humaxtv process [BUGFIX];
  • Take channel (service) into account when checking for duplicate reservations [BUGFIX];
  • Improved hexdump routine in webif libraries;
  • Moved schedule restore/backup into library so it can be used by other packages;
  • Mobile version now fills the screen on iPhone 5(s);
  • Experimental twitter feed scroller on front page (and option to disable);
  • New option to trigger automatic processing on a specific folder (will be used in the future...).

1.0.7 (07/10/2013)

  • Add schedule cleanup button to schedule a deletion of all recordings with no matching events in the next seven days (idea from Black Hole);
  • Flag favicon files as user customisable so they are not overridden up upgrade if they have been replaced;
  • New setting to disable channel change confirmation dialogue;
  • Add new EXTRA.css file that can be used to override the look and feel of various GUI elements, or hide them entirely;
  • More improvements to the maintenance of the unwatched recording flag on a folder;
  • New option to disable the folder unwatched count graphic;
  • Always enable the Now button in the grid-style EPG;
  • Accordian-style settings screen;
  • Fix grid-style EPG calendar popup.

1.0.6 (07/09/2013)

  • Add unwatched item count for folders in media browser;
  • Allow reset new flag action to work on manually created folders;
  • Automatically recalculate the new recording flag when moving files in the media browser;
  • Change web interface file editor to use fixed-space font and style text area to match rest of interface;
  • Improve compatibility with recent versions of Internet Explorer;
  • Allow changing the watched channel by clicking on the channel icon in various places (if ir package installed);
  • Minor bug fixes.

1.0.5 (30/07/2013)

  • New disk space overview screen Diagnostics->Disk Space or click on pie chart at top left;
  • Flag cropped recordings as shrunk too.

1.0.4 (11/07/2013)

  • Fix typo in crontab preventing automatic backups from running;
  • Tweak style of file edit box;
  • Make folder operations recalculate the folder new flag if necessary;
  • Updates for new channel icon package framework;
  • Fix Mux detection for PSB3/BBC B (HD) following broadcaster changes.

1.0.3 (6/6/2013)

  • New browser bookmarks/tab icons;
  • Improve cron job management during package operations (thanks to xyz321);
  • Fix miscellaneous HTML problems;
  • Disable change folder action on single recordings;
  • Add further automatic processing plugin hooks.

1.0.2 (17/04/2013)

  • Show total number of files and directories on media browse pages;
  • Improve context menu placement;
  • Implement plugin hooks for automatic processing.
  • Include databases in /mod/etc in web interface database browser.

1.0.1 (10/04/2013)

  • Improve on-screen placement of context menus when no space to display at bottom right of cursor;
  • Disable disk checks on HD model;
  • Add spinretry attribute to disk monitoring;
  • Fix bug preventing some plugin icons being shown on main screen;
  • Option to disable help links on main screen;
  • Remove email options from settings page (no longer used).

1.0.0 (05/04/2013)

  • Add support for thumbnail replacement for decrypted recordings;
  • New option to view any current thumbnail for a recording;
  • Recording thumbnail now shown in media details popup window;
  • Add support for automatic audio (MP3) extraction;
  • Alphabetic sort in media browser is now case-insensitive;
  • Fix pie chart display for nearly-full disk;
  • Fix off-by-one bug with direct EPG date selection;
  • Improve EPG scheduled event detection;
  • Scheduled events are now highlighted blue in the grid-style EPG;
  • Fix issue with decrypting single recordings whilst accessing the web interface through a device which performs network address translation;
  • Fixed potential recording corruption problem when a recording is played whilst it is being decrypted automatically in the background.
  • Added additional auto-decryption checks to spot recordings which have been decrypted but are flagged as still encrypted;
  • Display an alert when disk hardware problems are detected such as changes in the number of pending or offline sectors, or an increasing reallocated sector count;
  • Configurable log level for automatic background processing (defaults to showing actions and errors only);
  • System notification framework to allow components to inform the user of problems encountered;
  • Add some useful links to the foot of the main index page.

0.13.2 (05/03/2013)

  • Improved indication of shrunk recordings in webif - requires a one-off process to flag all existing shrunk recordings which will run automatically upon upgrade;
  • Files which are being decrypted no longer show as playing in the web interface;
  • Swap the in-use and already stripped check in automatic processing and improve log message.

0.13.1 (27/02/2013)

  • Fix dedup fast-path code which was causing duplicate files to be Preserved instead of moved (issue reported by mole_hill);
  • Fix automatic processing of files on external drives mounted using mvdisks;
  • Fix undelete for files on external drives removed through the web interface;
  • OPT+ menu on directories outside the standard media area no-longer include the auto options (they didn't have any effect anyway).

0.13.0 (26/02/2013)

  • Significant performance improvements to automatic processing;
  • New option to automatically expire recordings (folder option);
  • Set HTTP character set to UTF-8 (should help display of non-ascii characters in EPG and channel list);
  • Improve process for checking if a package is installed (used by many components including rs);
  • Removing all guidance text from a recording now works and also removes the guidance flag;
  • Support cross-filesystem file/directory renames;
  • Add option for de-duplicating genre type search results;
  • Prevent automatic processing from recursing into mounted filesystems if the mount point is a special folder.

0.12.0 (9/02/2013)

  • Improve browser cache control by sending a Cache-Control header along with dynamically generated pages;
  • Automatic recording processing:
    • Improve diskspace check;
    • New persistent log, auto.log;
    • Improved and less verbose log contents.
  • Use model type to determine EPG database location;
  • Fix incremental data load (for instance: when updating the package list from the Internet);
  • Highlight schedule entries with pending actions in blue and strike-through;
  • Ignore case when checking for file extensions to show in the media browser.

0.11.0 (18/01/2013)

  • Add options to flag directories for recursive auto-shrink and auto-decrypt;
  • Improve behaviour when changing flags on directories (screen no longer refreshes);
  • Fix bug when renaming non-TS files;
  • Grey out Extract to MPG option for HD content;
  • Add option for automatic MPG extraction;
  • Show rate at which stream file is growing in media browser;
  • Improve Media list Genre to EPG Genre mappings;
  • Fix PSB2/D3&4 MUX detection in Diagnostics->Channels.

0.10.2 (6/01/2013)

  • Media browser now shows genre against recordings;
  • Media browser rename allows changing genre alongside other attributes;
  • Schedule list shows individual event times against series recordings. Clicking on an event times shows EPG details;
  • Option to change the number of hours shown in the grid-style EPG;
  • Dedup now applies series.helper files before checking for minimum length. Minimum length reduced from 10 to 6;
  • Add clear log option to diagnostics page;
  • Change upcoming event display window from 15 to 20 minutes;
  • Options on settings page are now YES/NO rather than ON/OFF;
  • Expert mode telnet server option moved to Advanced Settings block;
  • Internal changes to support CFW 2.15 (not yet released).

0.10.1 (25/11/2012)

  • Upgrade telnet menu to version 1.02 - provides feedback during PIN entry;
  • Show upcoming recordings in status pane (next 15 minutes);
  • Add 'may not restart' warning to Diagnostics->Reboot;
  • Extend native recording rename function to allow editing of synopsis and guidance text;
  • Fix pasting of non-native files;
  • Allow plugins to add entries to the quick edit file list in Diagnostics->File Editor;
  • Show last recording time for finished series in schedule list;
  • Use media browser sort order in mobile version;
  • Warn when mongoose server auto-start is turned off;
  • Add icon to mobile version (shows when app is added to mobile device home screen);
  • Provide drop-down list of common diagnostics for quick access;
  • Report when there is no cached EPG data present;
  • More width for channel name in grid-style EPG;
  • Add more navigation buttons to grid-style EPG;
  • Fix date format in grid-style EPG;
  • Add settings toggle for expert mode telnet server (straight to shell), CFW >=2.14.

0.10.0 (5/11/2012)

  • Fix problem with Auto-Decrypt which could result in .encrypted files being left behind;
  • Built-in mobile browser optimised version (http://<humax>/m/);
  • Hard disk diagnostics page (SMART information, will evolve);
  • Show status of stream file on browse page (indication of the file size and whether it is still growing);
  • Link to mobile interface from main screen;
  • Settings option to disable mobile interface link on main screen;
  • RMA mode from Diagnostics page;
  • Log viewer includes fix-disk.log if present;
  • Improve EPG search performance;
  • Detect IP address or URL being used to access and use for DLNA downloads;
  • Quick edit links on file editor screen for commonly edited files;
  • Move front-page status panel up to avoid obscuring buttons so often;
  • Add status CLI command;
  • Fix erroneous iB suffix shown on small directory sizes;
  • Include raw EPG database export utility (/cgi-bin/epg/db.jim).

0.9.14 (8/10/2012)

  • Upgrade javascript library to JQuery 1.8.2;
  • Upgrade to JQuery UI 1.8.24 + internal restructuring of files;
  • Provide JQuery Mobile 1.2.0;
  • Trap and skip errors in web interface plugins (rather than just stopping);
  • Avoid runtime error in package management with no connectivity;
  • Add basic viewer for backed-up schedules;
  • Don't reload package management screen following every operation;
  • Default to Installed tab in package management;
  • Improve recording file in-use check;
  • When performing operations on a group of recording files, use only expected suffixes. That is it no longer operates on recording_name.* but rather recording_name.ts, recording_name.hmt, ...;
  • Automatic background tasks now check for at least 10% free disk space before proceeding;
  • Add Paste to Folder option.

0.9.13 (03/08/2012)

  • When clicking on a recording in the media browser, show the files which are associated with that recording in the popup window. Click the + icon for more details;
  • Package management no longer refreshes the page after upgrading, installing or removing a package;
  • Package management enforces only one package operation at a time;
  • Package management shows 'Info' link against installed packages which shows dependencies;
  • Improvements to the in-browser playback using the VLC plugin;
  • Fix problem with automatic background tasks and folders containing [] in their name;
  • Reduce chance of errors with current recording status panels;
  • Change some more instances of squeeze to shrink.

0.9.12 (15/06/2012)

  • Improved support for shrinking recordings by removing unecessary parts. Now works with SD, HD and audio-only recordings;
  • Allow flagging folders as auto-shrink, auto-dedup and auto-decrypt to be processed in the background (see webif_auto.log);
  • Show icon against recordings which have been shrunk;
  • Improve file-in-use checks throughout;
  • Fix single recording decryption when connecting from behind an Internet-based proxy server.

0.9.11 (10/06/2012)

  • Add experimental support for stripping unecessary frames from recordings to save space;
  • Show simpler OPT+ menu for non-native recordings;
  • Show Humax software version on front page (with CFW 2.11 and above);
  • Fix errors in rendering page footer on non-CGI pages.

0.9.10 (30/05/2012)

  • EPG display faster with favourites;
  • EPG display now preserves favourite order;
  • Favourite backup/restore preserves order;
  • Fix error with footer on some pages.

0.9.9 (21/05/2012)

  • New option to create files in file editor;
  • Improvements to drop-down menu;
  • Option to disable drop-down menu;
  • Show free (as well as used) space in top bar;
  • Dedup can now make use of series helper files;
  • Started large scale internal path cleanup.

0.9.8 (19/5/2012)

  • Add slide-down quick link toolbar;
  • Remove ability to change Enc flag through media browser;
  • Fix bug when deleting two files with the same name and undelete is installed;
  • Allow plugins to specify the size of icons they add to the front page.

0.9.7 (27/04/2012)

  • Fix restoration of favourite channels;
  • Add API to allow plugins to place icons on the main page;
  • Remove mediatomb & transmission handling code (now provided in the mediatomb/transmission packages);
  • Fix bug in status;
  • Add Reset New Flag option to folders in media browser;
  • Do not restore DSO events when restoring schedule.

0.9.6 (18/04/2012)

  • Retain 15 automatic schedule backups (increase from 7);
  • Show the current channel and programme on the front page;
  • Properly show chase play;
  • Show if system is in half-awake standby;
  • Allow changing the target folder for one-off recordings too;
  • Allow setting no target folder;
  • De-duplication improvements.

0.9.5 (09/04/2012)

  • Move links from bottom of main page to Diagnostics page;
  • Add DLNA server diagnostics and database reset function;
  • Split channel icons out into separate package to make future webif updates smaller;
  • dedup function now removes leading 'brand new series' as added by E4 now.

0.9.4 (31/03/2012)

  • Fix MPG extraction progress bar;
  • Scheduled event screen now shows target folder (if different to event name);
  • Scheduled event screen allows AR/Padding switch (cf. RS Portal);
  • Scheduled event screen allows target folder changes;
  • General file layout restructuring;

NB: If you use the rs package then this must be upgraded before webif.

0.9.3 (22/02/2012)

  • Add text file editor to diagnostics screen;
  • Add extract to mpg option in media browser;
  • Add Operation Complete message following package operations;
  • Remove Reset custom firmware option from settings screen.

0.9.2 (07/02/2012)

  • Add large file split function (break into 45 minute segments);
  • Fix log file display so that they can be cut and pasted;
  • Fix sorting by time;
  • Restructure backend code for other browse functions (little visible change);
  • Restructure EPG code (little visible change).

0.9.1 (05/02/2012)

  • Move Paste button to be part of clipboard in file browser;
  • Trap more errors during DLNA location lookup;
  • Fix VLC icons.

0.9.0 (27/01/2012)

  • Only show mediatomb and transmission icons on main menu if the services are running;
  • Update Jim dependency to 0.73 (also update jim reference guide);
  • Fix 2GB limit when copying files;
  • Show DLNA icon against recordings which are indexed by the media server;
  • Fix issue with deleting files from external drives with undelete installed;
  • Fix issue with deleting multiple files from a directory with square brackets in the name;
  • Only enable decrypt option for files which are DLNA indexed;
  • Fix the development packages toggle option;
  • Experimental support for playing recorded media with VLC plugin (inspired by Raydon's implementation for the Foxsat).

0.8.13 (19/01/2012)

  • Support running under HTTPS/SSL web server (see switch under General Settings);
  • Show Network column on channel screen;
  • Fix bug in and optimise folder size display;
  • Fix some undelete issues;
  • Fix bug which affected deleting files from within a folder containing a [ character;

0.8.12 (14/01/2012)

  • Add undelete support (if optional undelete package is installed);
  • Reduce the impact of large delete operations on the system;
  • Show local muxes as such in channel list;
  • Fix restoration of favourites.

0.8.11 (08/01/2012)

  • Re-enabled media browser deletion. Bug identified and fixed;
  • Show failed recordings in media browser;
  • Ignore old bookmarks in crop interface;
  • Resolve occasional problem with passing files to join interface.

0.8.10 (07/01/2012)

  • Temporarily disable deletion from media browser due to possible bug;
  • Allow the restart required alert to be dismissed;
  • Default package management tab is now upgrades;
  • Package management upgrades tab now shows correct latest version;

0.8.9 (29/12/2011)

  • Copy/Cut/Paste for files in media browser;
  • Create new directories (folders) from media browser;
  • Links to release notes for firmware & webif (bottom of main page);
  • Fix hover-over for scheduling table;
  • Improve multiple item deletion;
  • Add more databases to database viewer;
  • Show scheduled start/end time of completed recordings (from 0.8.8-1).

0.8.8 (19/12/2011)

  • Schedule screen layout improvements;
  • Show AR/Pad mode against recordings.

0.8.7 (14/12/2011)

  • Audio extraction function now adds ID3 tags to generated MP3 files.

0.8.6 (12/12/2011)

  • Flag folders as flatten eligible/ineligible from the webif.

0.8.5 (9/12/2011)

  • Add Extract Audio option for decrypted recordings to produce an MP3 file from the audio within.

0.8.4 (9/12/2011)

  • OPT+ for directories (rename/delete);
  • Automatic daily schedule backups with last 7 days kept;
  • Updated channel icons.

0.8.3 (5/12/2011)

  • Option to sort media by date;
  • Support drag operations on touch devices;
  • Support for joining recordings together (using the nicesplice backend);
  • Multiple file/folder deletion.

0.8.2 (/2011)

0.8.1 (16/11/2011)

  • New icons on front page;
  • Logfile viewer.

0.8.0 (29/10/2011)

  • Decrypt in-place.

0.7.6 (11/10/2011)

  • Change the mouse pointer to a hand over the top bar (which is a link back to the home page);
  • Show the DLNA URL in the media browser. Click on the name of a recording to see it.

0.7.4 (4/10/2011)

  • Save last streamed content - if you navigate to a folder using the media browser, and there is a copy of some recently streamed content on the hard disk, then you can save that content to a file. The webif will prompt you for the destination filename.
  • Deduplicate/tidy option in the webif. This is similar to the functionality of the dedup package in that it takes everything in the current folder and renames the files and updates the media titles to reflect the content, and files duplicates away in a sub-folder. When you first click the button it shows you what would be done and there is a further button to execute the changes. This feature works very well with series that include the episode number and name at the start of the synopsis.

0.7.3 (3/10/2011)

  • Improved Now/Next EPG and optional grid-style EPG (see settings screen);
  • Fix several IE interoperability bugs (mostly IE9);
  • Fix backup/restore prompts;
  • More channel icons;
  • Show web interface version at bottom of main screen;
  • Channel information screen includes Mux details.

0.7.1 (19/09/2011)

  • Updated channel icons;
  • Show mod version at bottom right of main screen;
  • Show a back-to-top button on long pages;
  • Scheduling now works properly on devices which use padding instead of AR;
  • Prompt for restart after cancelling event;
  • Fixes to schedule backup/restore.

0.7.0 (13/9/2011)

  • Show split event icon against split events in EPG;
  • Updates to the scheduling code to properly handle scheduling of split events;
  • Prevent scheduling duplicate events;
  • Fix blank/0 channels in EPG;
  • Show dashes for series recordings with no up-coming episodes (like the on-screen schedule does);
  • Also put dormant series recordings at bottom of list (was top);
  • Fix bug in event schedule popup for recordings in progress;

0.6.6 (31/8/2011)

  • Restructured scheduled recordings list, including support for removing scheduled events;
  • Scheduling recordings via the web interface now enabled by default;
  • Adds hooks required for remote scheduling.

0.6.5 (24/8/2011)

  • New scheduled recordings are placed into a temporary holding table until reboot (with mod 1.11 they will be synchronised across during boot before the humax software starts up);
  • Progress bar shown during reboot (rather than error page!);
  • Fix more symbolic link cases in media browser.

0.6.4 (13/8/2011)

  • Fix downloads of files with apostrophes in their names;
  • Show sizes of symlinked directories (with @ prefix, see below.)
  • Download a decrypted version of a file if possible.

0.6.3 (18/7/2011)

  • Show alternate showing times for EPG events.