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What is the TV Diary?

TV Diary is an add-on to the web interface. It tracks the TV programs you record and watch, and presents a diary view through the web interface

How Do I install TV Diary?

TV Diary is installable from the Web-If >> Package Management >> Available screen, you may have to enable Advance Packages e.g. Web-if >> Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Show development and advanced packages = Yes.

Using TV Diary

After installing the package the Web-If main screen will display a new 'TV Diary' icon, clicking on this icon will take you to the main TV Diary screen displaying a calendar from which you can pick a date for inspection, Note only dates in BOLD are pick-able

Daily TV Diary


Having selected a past / present / future date, the following categories can be displayed :-

Recorded / To Be Recorded

Programmes that have been, are being or will be recorded

  • Unwatched.png = Unwatched Recording
  • Watched.png = Deleted without having been watched
  • Inventory.png = Video Inventory - (Click to display stored programmes)
  • Repeat.png = Deja vu - Highlights a programme you may have already seen (Click for more details)
  • 745 1 11 Video 1REC.png - Recording Now
  • --------- = Current Time indicator
  • Conflict.png = Possible Recording Conflict



Watched Recordings (Media) / Watched Live TV

  • X-mitter.png = Live Buffer (Not Recorded)
  • 745 1 10 Video 2Live.png = Watching Now
  • Repeat.png = Deja vu - Highlights a programme you have may already seen Click for more details)




Monthly Summaries


Programme Search Diary


Programme Search EPG




Video Inventory



Web-If >> Settings will display the following options


  • the database for TV Diary resides here :- /mod/etc/tvdiary.db
  • /mod/sbin/tvdiary_monitor_on = enable crontab to run tvdiary_status
  • /mod/sbin/tvdiary_monitor_off = disable crontab to run tvdiary_status
  • /mod/sbin/tvdiary_status = status checker to be run every minute to update the tvdiary database
  • /mod/sbin/tvdiary_publish = Publish the TV Diary contents to a separate web server
  • /mod/sbin/tvdiary_purge = Purge the TV Diary database of old data