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There is a hidden settings menu available on both HDR and HD units which (amongst other things) provides a proper eject operation for USB drives, and enables the CRID codes to be displayed on the i-panel for programmes in the EPG and recordings.

  • Bring up the System Information menu page
  • Menu > Settings > System > System Information
  • Access to the hidden menu is by an undocumented service code, On the Remote enter in sequence :-


(ignore the "no entry" icon that appears on the screen).

NOTE:- A delay of up to 20 seconds has been observed before the secret menu is displayed

The following HIDDEN SETTINGS will now be displayed (Example):-

  • USB > USB Eject
  • Copy DB TO USB
  • Copy DB TO Flash
  • Signal Detection > (Tuner 1 or 2 and transponder can be selected)
  • Country Setting > (England)
  • Operator Setting > (BBC)
  • Display CRID > (Disable)
  • Password Reset
  • Get Network Time > (1 Hour)
  • Reset Cookie & DRM Data