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FlexView - A flexible way to manage your recordings


FlexView is intended to offer an alternative to the traditional webif to allow you to view an manage your recording inventory in whatever way suits you.

As the name suggests the emphasis is on maximum flexibility, you can:

  • Choose the which pieces of information are displayed.
  • Choose the display order
  • Change the display size.
  • Change the display format (more flexibility to come)
  • Sort and filter on nearly all attributes
  • Allow table to grow to accommodate data or fix table size
  • Hide the directory tree
  • Refresh individual folder
  • Display multiple folders simultaneously
  • Save your preferred display options for re-use
  • Switch between saved formats
  • Use all of the Browse context menu commands (plus a few more)

FlexView does not change the contents of your disk (unlike FlatView) so it does not change the on TV, using remote control, view of recordings

Usage scenarios

Fixed size table, single directory (Movies) selected

Fixed size table, single directory (Movies) selected, showing tooltip

Default configuration with ABC directory and sub-folders selected

Default configuration with ABC directory and sub-folders selected

Directory tree hidden, using Column Chooser to add thumbnail image column

Directory tree hidden, using Column Chooser to add thumbnail image column

]File list with thumbnails shown and filtered to show only New (unwatched) files

File list with thumbnails shown and filtered to show only New (unwatched) files

How To

Resize columns
Hover over line between column headers until resize handle appears, drag handle to resize column
Move columns
Drag column header to desired position or use column chooser dialog to move columns
Sort columns
Click on column header, click again to reverse sort directions
Filter columns
Use the filter toolbar beneath the column header
Many columns display a pull down list to select options
Other columns allow for text entry, the comparison operator can be changed by clicking on the operator to the left of the entry field.
If filtering of file size enter the number in bytes e.g. 1000000 for 1 MiB
Save configuration
Adjust visible columns, size & positions as desired, select directories to be displayed, Click Save button and type name for the configuration.
Note. You can overwrite the supplied configurations but this is not recommended.
Restore supplied configuration
If you delete or make unwanted changes to supplied configurations
Delete unwanted configurations (Load button) and then force reinstall the flexview package on Diag panel


FlexView is in the "development and advanced packages" section of the catalogue so to see and install the package select "Show development and advanced packages?" in the "Advanced settings" section of the Settings page.


None currently on Settings page.

New configurations are created by selecting directories to be expanded and/or displayed in the tree view and by changing column display options then using the Save button to save the new configuration.

Saved configurations are saved in /mod/etc/fvConfiq_name.json they can be editted, with care, to adjust configuration values such as date formats that can't currently be changed via the UI.


  • TVDB information is not shown.
  • MP3/MP4/JPEG attributes are not shown
  • No interface for changing date formats and some other parameters.


FlexView writes a few lines to the /mod/tmp/flexview.log but the vast majority of output is written to the browser console log viewable by pressing F12 on a web page.

Under the covers

FlexView is based on the jqgrid jquery plugin. The directory and file information is delivered in JSON format with the majority of the formatting taking place in the browser

Change History

Date Version Description
2016-03-21 flexview 0.1.1-0 Initial public version

Future Enhancements

Possible future enhancements - please suggest more

  • Include TVDB information
  • Drag and drop for moving recordings
  • Multiselect filters
  • Save filters/sort in configuration
  • ...


For providing the icon and changes to webif needed to enable FlexView to work.
jqgrid plugin http://guriddo.net
everbody else
Who has assisted through the forums