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Note Note: This is a copy of the original Firmware Downloads page which was created by af123, the original page contains links which no longer work and can only be changed by him, this page has links to a new file server owned by MartinLiddle, the files on this site can be verified by checking the SHA1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) held on this and the original Firmware Downloads page, not all files have been copied to the new server yet, the ones that haven't will result in a "404 Not Found" message, PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE you can PM ('start a new conversation' with) ezra pound on the forum with any comments

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If your Humax came with software version 1.03.06 or above

If your Humax arrived running software version 1.03.06 or later then do not downgrade it to an earlier version. It is safe to install the customised firmware based on 1.03.12.

Note Note: This is free software. It comes without any warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law. You can redistribute it and/or modify it without restriction.

Custom Firmware (CFW)

If you're unsure about which version to use, have a look at the which version page for help.
For details on changes refer to the Customised Firmware Release Notes.

HDR Fox-T2 HD Fox-T2
Custom Firmware
(SHA1: 5642e71ae00b765270e96d28ca4d57726ad780b0)
(SHA1: 0d2a3ffbe3a036ed7d0cb7b5008dd56c8a56e4e0)
(SHA1: d3c9bb0d048567c6891daa5fb4712e923695a93a)
(SHA1: 4ed7b603a386db35f615d367f9734f7f1d50142c)
(SHA1: 33bbc9969d2fca2d6c6e0df46183e4a94bcdc9c0)
(SHA1: a7812ac0b4f9710af95a88362eaae8b0d2fccd5d)
Custom Firmware with Debug Kernel
(SHA1: b0d1a153d0b35968530d249f26521458386959af)
(SHA1: 19ac5dd505de5d419c6370e80aa0ee2912182cf6)
(SHA1: e06a2d2e84cb4f0c28ab122223894cf674a70329)
Not available for the HD Fox-T2

This version of the custom firmware is designed for troubleshooting and contains a kernel with PRINTK support enabled. This makes the kernel larger and consume more memory than the standard one so can result in instability. It is not recommended to use this version other than for troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Custom Firmware with Stock Kernel
(SHA1: 5dff1d80071cf6abe6101bd413bb9a11137de04b)
(SHA1: bf95b4f084f0e4739030d0e6c8d377c7b517c6a8)
(SHA1: 6487043d8b3bdf143e1ea79eaeb34d56adc605db)
Not available for the HD Fox-T2

This version of the custom firmware contains the stock Humax kernel and wireless driver and can be used if you experience problems using the customised one. It does not contain support for iptables, GUID Partition Tables (GPT) or large drives.

Supporting Files
Install as standard firmware update to perform a full system flush and reset. This is designed to assist recovery from crash/reboot loops and to clear everything out after running RMA mode.
Your recordings will not be affected.
NB: This will also clear most CFW package settings.
Place on USB stick and plug in while system is running to flush all iptables rules.
Install as standard firmware update to perform a full system flush and reset. This is designed to assist recovery from crash/reboot loops.
Your recordings will not be affected.
'NB: This will also clear most CFW package settings.
Place on USB stick and plug in while system is running to enable safe mode from next boot.
Place on USB stick and plug in while system is running to disable safe mode from next boot.

Official Firmware

HDR Fox-T2 HD Fox-T2
Official Firmware
All official firmware downloads
  • 1.03.02   .....(14/01/2015) (no longer available)
  • 1.02.29.....(27/08/2012)
  • 1.02.28.....(25/06/2012)
  • 1.02.27   .....(11/04/2012) (withdrawn)
  • 1.02.20.....(04/07/2011)
  • 1.02.18.....(24/05/2011)
  • 1.01.12.....(02/11/2010)
All official firmware downloads

Previous Custom Firmware Releases

Note Note: Provided for reference only. Please use the latest version. CFW 3.11 was withdrawn and is no longer available for download.

HDR Fox-T2 HD Fox-T2
(SHA1: 2a7f4859680de56ebaf085aeef7a2897f0747c0c)
(SHA1: 2b41b0936e9d65d591b9983d0740662e91e661e7)
(SHA1: 7eb1f43aa681c477f0bfe8b75ee61a6531a2e564)
(SHA1: da700a7e621fd0fe09505f8c63d72a092061acfb)
(SHA1: b898cb39bc6a440ca80cdc026531e62829d6098e)
(SHA1: d26867c93facd0b3e27a88ba373ce124f712d3b3)
(SHA1: 264a5253a3c18716376b65396cc9ee6e5525f95f)
(SHA1: e29c5e16a8c2433463b3d5ddcf305cc989b76175)
(SHA1: e540ff7006920e8db88ea9765b07a6f9f200c26c)
(SHA1: 4608ab0919b087157c5977e3bbc0eb4cf9756d9f)
(SHA1: 3c26565b868913bae9b6005e139a3fcc68c0f4e9)
(SHA1: b996f340b82891bd3324bc2a40c668a171072b16)
(SHA1: 510b8a0303dcc638c5781571f5f21977e21ca263)
(SHA1: d7c117330fd51589e20b74c3b3343a8b7d1eefba)
(SHA1: d00beeb82eab7b81cf2b00ef2138eab6488d5f07)
(SHA1: 516a932254411d52d5a731f8412c60cae9d1f537)
(SHA1: 64b68dc62e78680d4896b6f1e297956e1db4bbb8)
(SHA1: 6980958ede01af401372d7d2bd8fab99ed1b5f95)
(SHA1: 5bad73d770a2e211f417bf65783ad04097e00c62)
(SHA1: 204c9de2c09f45cc84287596308cd1cf49c4739b)
(SHA1: d8981473b5f377298af7bf98b7a4a2dea6a7b37d)
(SHA1: 82a68a9fc1138363855cc32203f25d46e06aa421)
(SHA1: a5a98fbfda6cc9cb3b3b317d097035a1a4767b01)
(SHA1: dee2c1be04a2e50b0ef539fc81ab455416df8b7e)
(SHA1: 5d437062e83eaf4647bd6461d635be844c00cad5)
(SHA1: ca763eb77909d787d0fd7921103ad7780b784525)
(SHA1: 3a8ccb1c4139d63e52a369d297f837266a965d48)
(SHA1: d0dac6f45c2a4e132d982e5a53f521fa8f66c5a2)
(SHA1: 97a84e0ebb87f76775622c45d79d6d734f3709e3)
(SHA1: 07bb38f3daeec5f2dedd77091b7980f7f87daf05)
(SHA1: 312e3130a9633e27bfd688d62e0470c5a0e656f5)
(SHA1: 93fb9f5692c0b71f75cb262f1e1476bc56d25ae9)
(SHA1: 9242e5c67f96beb4783b67285309a2a5f940c838)
(SHA1: 2190a4b22a2126c1728055a240fc35038f366df8)
(SHA1: b79816ac0477cbe66d3c955396dc02cc4add9d60)
(SHA1: b4a7ee8c0f374c4de15d7d0724e9082d806d9c59)
(SHA1: 07a1cfd63339b37222ca2a8f01683a8e7852055d)
(SHA1: e96556bd19fe4d8b2ca868df82d063bb2dd156ef)
(SHA1: 4aecb01f43f7323c297a4c21fcbc6f2dacf2b76d)
(SHA1: c68b704ed0e9f2aafe7af3bdbe3dd68cb27acbb4)
(SHA1: 3bbd083f8a0d99d3738f91c53a77ac6ead945a36)
(SHA1: 2440c3f855c380e258316d8db0a4a82550bbef01)
(SHA1: 595d4cd7fb08e66cea2c38bba9343a1904559a09)
(SHA1: 8bd9da1ed0fbfc276577a61dd69107d311dbf9c1)
(SHA1: 0c79a42cf37ac125efe299b86bc32fb7f7724b9d)
(SHA1: cd9db4611d39fc86f41ba8366ded805184c7a596)
(SHA1: ac151545b4bd95de496aba3cc2a676bc47fee022)
(SHA1: e93754012a63af84e0246178cce2f8841e6ba529)
(SHA1: 097dfca743d5e48c05a1dcbf7794b4ef57d999bc)
(SHA1: b19d9253c81021abdbbbe6ffa40e6cadaeb608a0)
(SHA1: 132e8d0aec05a9acc4ebc737b95e321637ae2f86)
(SHA1: 3437780d9792be8c7fa0ded8c31c152e2d916f5d)
(SHA1: 40146134a4341953d29ade0a21fc03b2b86e2bb2)
(SHA1: e07a5cccba6c5e1510f25cbc02a0069bc984767f)
(SHA1: 0a0a16d1bbeae5f309d07a0a09702939ecd02144)
(SHA1: 6c551a0892313641f07fef0dff853cc7eaa50b4b)

Installing Firmware

For instructions on installing Firmware see Installing the Modified Firmware