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What is the Custom TV Portal?


The Custom TV Portal adds a new 'front-end' the the Standard TV Portal which allows access to both existing and new options. Please note that the New Portal is still actively in development and features are currently being added / enabled

New Portal Requirements

The new portal requires that the follow conditions are met :-

  • Custom Firmware based on Humax software version 1.03.06 or later is installed
  • Nether of the previous packages 'Custom Portal' or 'Portal Xtra1' are installed

How Do I install New Portal?

The new portal is installable from the Web-If >> Package Management >> Available screen, you may have to enable Advance Packages e.g. Web-if >> Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Show development and advanced packages = Yes. After installing the new portal and re-booting your Humax, pressing the Remote control >> TV Portal button will display the following screen :-


List of Apps. and their current status

Application Name Status Application Name Status
Humax Portal Working BBC iPlayer Working
YouTube Working Internet Radio Working
Flickr Working Picassa Working
Teletext Holidays Working Wiki TV Working
Wiki How Working Twitter Working
Facebook invalid location (seattle) Accu Weather Working
Vilanoise Working Baeble Working
Daily Express TV Working Daily Express Film Working
Daily Express Sport Workng Guitar Chords Working
Metronome Working OK Magazine Feed Loading Error
Daily Star Working RTE Player Menu Only
3 Player In Development ITV Player In Development
Tunein Radio In Development SHOUTcast Radio In Development
Sky Player In Development

Watch this space for new info.

Previous Custom TV Portals

The Current Custom TV Portal 'New-Portal' is the third to be generated, the previous two, 'Custom Portal' and 'Portal Xtra1' lost a lot of their functionality, with the introduction by Humax of the App. based TV portal and firmware version 1.03.06 which has a different browser. Details of these previous versions can be found HERE