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The IR package adds a fully functioning Remote Controller to the Web-Interface. It can be installed from the Web-If >> Package Management page and once installed a ‘Remote’ icon will be added to the Web-If Main screen

Channel Shortcuts


  • allow quick selection of a new TV/Radio station from a list


  • Add/Remove Favourite quick select channel Icons
  • Block remote control mode change icons on TV
  • Swap INFO and LIST commands
  • Disable Volume Control
  • Use Custom Map File

In order to use the custom file, this option must be enabled using - Webi-if Menu Page >> Settings >> Settings for IR Package >> Use Custom Map File. The custom map file must be named /mod/boot/ir3.map and be of the form <original keycode>:<replacement keycode>:<comment>. Here are some examples including a macro on the Subtitle button

0e:43:MENU -> INFO
1f::VOL+ disabled
40::VOL- disabled
4b::TV Portal disabled
4d:43:LIST becomes INFO
43:4d:INFO becomes LIST
46:40,40,40,f2,c,3,a:Subtitle button = VOL-, VOL-, VOL-, WAIT 2 seconds, 0, 1, 8
0x7887827d:0:Discrete power off


  1. Use ir -l to show code mappings.
  2. Delays can be added to macros by using fX where X is the number of seconds to wait as a hex digit, so f1 for a second, f9 for 9 seconds, fb for 11 seconds up to fe for 14 seconds
  3. Web-If >> Diagnostic >> File Editor >> /mod/boot/ir3.map shows the default code mapping

  • Select Remote Control Mode (1-6)

Note:- this setting will only take effect after a reboot and will only change the 'ir' Mode, it will not change the Humax Operating Mode (See Below) or the Remote Control Mode

The Customise options are also available in Web-If >> Settings >> Remote Control Settings.


  • record a sequence of key strokes, to be replayed with a single 'click'
  • A Macro named 'boot' will automatically be run when the Humax is taken out of standby
  • Macro sequences are stored here :- /mod/etc/webif.db, macros can be transferred to another unit by copying this file

Selecting Record a New Macro will display a Name Box and some delay keys to create a pause in the sequence


Displays a clearable list of commands sent


Mobile Version

There is a mobile version of the Web-If Remote Controller that is more suited to the ‘small screen’. If the IP address of your Humax is then the mobile version’s address would be :-

There are three selectable screens that display Remote - Favs - Macros

Command Line Options

The IR package is also controllable as a command line via Telnet, here are some examples :-

humax# status Watching 7: BBC THREE - This Is BBC Three (05:30 - 18:58) [48%]


SEVEN (0x9)

DELAY1 [delay between 1-99 Seconds]

TWO (0x4)

OK (0x13)

humax# status Watching 72: CITV - Horrid Henry (12:00 - 12:15) [13%]

Remote Control Mode Setting (Humax)

From the command line enable the TV screen Mode Display / Set function with:-


To set the Humax to Remote Control Mode 1 from the command line :-


This will change the Expected Mode on the Humax's Operating system only, it will not change the Mode on the Remote Control or the Custom Firmware's ir package itself

To change the Mode on the Remote Control see link HERE

To change the Custom Firmware ir Mode see Customise >> Select Remote Control Mode above

General Notes

  1. The Web-If Remote Controller can only control your Humax, the 'TV' 'DVD' and 'AUDIO' mode buttons will not control other equipment
  2. If IR is installed, Diagnostics >> ir3/debugon >> Run Diagnostic = Add IR log activity to the /var/log/humaxtv.log file after a reboot e.g.:-
  3. When 'Ir' is installed, it is possible to 'lock out' the power off function by creating a file called /tmp/.irhold, then it won't be possible to power off the Humax using the remote
  4. IR commands are sent to the Humax in the following format:-

In the above example the Humax at internal IP address will be sent the codes to change it to channel to 101

humax# tail -f /tmp/humaxtv.log

Real IR code: 0x000001 0xfa051000 (5) [foreign=0]
Real IR code: 0x000001 0xec131000 (13) [foreign=0]
Real IR code: 0x000001 0xfc031000 (3) [foreign=0]
Real IR code: 00000000 0xfb041000 (4) [foreign=0]
Real IR code: 0x000001 0xfa051000 (5) [foreign=0]
Real IR code: 00000000 0xf30c1000 (c) [foreign=0]
Real IR code: 0x000001 0xf6091000 (9) [foreign=0]
Real IR code: 00000000 0xf50a1000 (a) [foreign=0]
Real IR code: 0x000001 0xf40b1000 (b) [foreign=0]
Real IR code: 00000000 0xf10e1000 (e) [foreign=0]
Real IR code: 0x000001 0xf10e1000 (e) [foreign=0]
Real IR code: 00000000 0x9966c2ea (66) [foreign=1]
Real IR code: 00000000 0x19e6c2ea (e6) [foreign=1]
Real IR code: 00000000 0xe619c2ea (19) [foreign=1]
Real IR code: 00000000 0x6699c2ea (99) [foreign=1]
Real IR code: 00000000 0xd52ac2ea (2a) [foreign=1]
Real IR code: 00000000 0x55aac2ea (aa) [foreign=1]

get_inbuf: Popped existing.
InjectCommand: Buffers 0 0100adb0 1 0100adbc
InjectCommand: Input list 0
InjectCommand: setting signal (0x100abb0)
GetQueueSize: 1
GetEvents(): faking key 05 (2)
Real IR code: 00000000 0xfa051000 (5) [foreign=0]
GetQueueSize: 1
GetEvents(): faking key 05 (1)
Real IR code: 0x000001 0xfa051000 (5) [foreign=0]