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Hi MymsMan, I have read through you new Wiki page and have a few suggestions, they are mainly suggestion to make the page follow the pattern used in the other pages in the Wiki plus typos etc.

  1. DLNA should be in upper case rather than dlna (both currently used)
  2. 'delinquent half-awake state' should be referred to as 'half-awake state' (both currently used)
  3. ' you are a habitual user' should read ' you are an habitual user'
  4. 'DetectAds analyses recording to detect' should say 'DetectAds analyses a recording to detect'
  5. SUI (Standard User Interface ?) is a little known expression, maybe better written in full
  6. The contents table at the top of the page can be remove (if desired) by inserting this as the first line :-

--Ezra pound (talk) 00:24, 31 July 2015 (UTC)