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The Fixes / Work Arounds detailed here are primarily for the HUMAX HDR FOX T2 with 1.02.20 software but will in a lot of cases also work on the HUMAX HD FOX T2

Deleting a Recorded Program Fails


After watching a recorded program it is not possible to delete the program, There is a bug in the Humax software that allows the user to navigate away from a watched recorded program while the program is still in ‘Play’ mode,

Work Around

The work around for this is to re-select the program for playing and press stop before navigating away from the program, It will then be possible to delete the ‘Stopped’ program

Display Too Dim



If you find the orange display on your Humax too dim it can be changed to a brighter Blue / Green Display



This procedure requires disassembly of your Humax and could invalidate your warranty,

The Authors of the WiKi will not take any responsibility for any action you take having read this article

Steps for removal of the orange filter :-

  1. Ensure the unit is un-plugged from the mains electricity supply
  2. Use a hair dryer to remove warranty seal without breaking it
  3. Remove 3 top cover screws on rear of unit
  4. Slide top cover towards rear and then lift
  5. Remove 2 screws from front panel clips, releasing front panel
  6. Remove chassis Earth Screw (not present on HDR-Fox T2/GB/RE)
  7. Remove 4 way and 12 way chassis connectors (Squeeze connectors before pulling)
  8. Lift 3 Front panel clips and remove front panel
  9. Remove the USB PCB from the Display PCB (2 Screws)
  10. Remove 5 Display PCB screws
  11. Unclip the Display PCB from plastic housing (7 clips)
  12. Peel orange filter from Display
  13. Clean Display with methylated spirit or similar
  14. Re-assemble in reverse order

Download Not Working



When selecting 'Download' in the Web-If the file is played on your P.C. but not stored in a file, this is due to the *.TS file being associated with a media player, so the file is streamed instead of stored, If the association is removed then the file will be downloaded rather than played


In some cases it may be possible to instruct the media played not to automatically 'play' a certain type of file and this should be tried first, however it is quite common to be able to change an association (to another media player) but possible to remove the association all together. It is possible to remove the association using Start >> Run >> regedit. BUT you must be careful as regedit is very powerful and can stop Windows working completely. Navigate to ComDlg3 >> OpenSaveMRU >> TS (path shown at the bottom) and delete the entry where 'value not set' is shown

Time Shift Buffer Not Working


While watching live TV, 9 'transport buttons' on the remote control stop working, they are:- Play, Pause, Stop, Re-Wind, Fast Forward, Jump Back, Jump Forward, Navigate Left and Navigate Right this effectively disables the Time Shift buffer on the Humax.

This bug is caused by the user inadvertently entering the current channel again from the remote, So while watching channel 1 with a fully working remote press ‘1’, There will be a ---1 display on the TV for a couple of seconds and then all appears to be as it was, However all 9 functions listed above are now disabled

Work Around

The only work around for this is to select another TV channel which will of course delete the current Time Shift buffer, So this is not a very satisfactory work around

Multiple Humax Remotes


If you have more than one HUMAX product in the same room (say Freeview and Freesat) you may find that their remotes control the wrong receiver, This procedure will synchronize a remote / receiver using an alternative set of remote codes


  • Switch on your TV set and the Humax product that you wish to change the remote code
  • Make sure that the other Humax product that you do not wish to control is in Standby or powered OFF at the mains
  • Point the remote control towards the target receiver.
  • Press and release the PVR button
  • Press and hold the 0.K. button (PVR LED on)
  • Press and hold the 0 button (PVR LED off for 5 seconds then back on)
  • Release both O.K.and 0 buttons (PVR LED remains on)
  • A Mode Select message will appear on the TV screen:
  • Press a NUMERIC button (from 1 to 6) to select a different mode.
  • A message confirming the change of Mode will appear on screen
  • The PVR LED will flash 3 times acknowledging the Mode has changed


  1. As default the mode on all products will be set to "1"
  2. The above procedure can also be used when the Remote Control and your Humax box are out of synchronisation
  3. If the 'Mode' is changed from 1 remember to also change the Web-If remote settings (If installed)
  4. If the TV Select Mode menu is not displayed remove remote batteries, press any button, re-install batteries and try again
  5. Known to work with :- HDR-FOX-T2, HD-FOX-T2, FOXSAT-HDR, FOXSAT-HD and HDCI-5000

Network Streaming 4Gig Limit


It has been confirmed by several users that both the HDR-Fox T2 and HD-Fox T2 will not accept a DLNA streamed file of more than 4G Bytes, The Humax boxes appears to be capable of ‘outputting’ file streams larger than 4G Bytes (in Server mode), But will cut short any received file stream (in client mode) that is bigger than 4G Bytes

FIX / Workaround

Humax have released firmware version (1.02.28) which resolves this problem. Another possible Workaround for this problem is to split the video file into smaller segments, This is possible using a Custom Firmware Utility HERE

Remote Not Working

There are lots of reason your remote may not be working, This article covers some common causes.

Symptom 1

One or more buttons become unresponsive


You may need to clean the rear of the buttons, Instructions for opening the case are HERE

Symptom 2

Infra Red interference - The remote becomes erratic / sluggish in operation or the Humax may appear to be being 'controlled' by the remote when no buttons are pressed, this is usually due the Infra Red signals being blocked or added to by one of the following :-

  • Energy Saving compact fluorescent light Bulbs (Not L.E.D.s as far as I know)
  • Other remote controls units in the area
  • QI wireless chargers (See Note below)

NOTE This has been reported by user : iFlid, It is not clear if these units produce Infra-Red interference, although it's very probable they produce some Radio interference


Temporarily remove (or turn off) any possible cause of interference listed in the list above and re-test the remote

Symptom 3


Incorrect mode - The HDR/HD Fox T2 remote can control three extra devices as well as the Humax it was supplied with, a common ‘User Error’ is caused by the user inadvertently pressing one of the TV, DVD or Audio Buttons and de-selecting the PVR function


Humax have added on-screen indication of which 'mode' the Remote Control is in to firmware version 1.02.28, this only works on remotes that are labelled 'MDB 1.3' inside the battery compartment (Not ADB 1.0). While pressing any 'non white' button on the remote note which white button lights up red, If you are expecting to control the PVR you should expect the PVR LED to light, If it doesn't press PVR and this mode will be retained until another ‘white’ button is pressed


You can check if your remote is working by viewing the IR emitter on a Digital camera display screen, as they can ‘See’ the invisible Infra-Red light

Series Recording Fails


It has been quite widely reported that under certain circumstances series recordings have failed when the Humax has been left un-attended for extended periods, This is due to the unit not periodically updating the EPG, The problem has been noticed more often for Padding Users due to ‘Rules 4 & 5’

Sleep Wake.jpg

Here are a set of rules that apply to EPG update :-

  1. The Humax does not update the EPG when it wakes at 4:30am to look for OTAs
  2. The Humax does not update the EPG in Standby
  3. The Humax does not update the EPG while it is recording
  4. The Humax does not update the EPG prior to recording in Padding Mode
  5. The Humax will update the EPG prior to recording in Accurate Recording mode
  6. The Humax will update the EPG during a >15Min Auto On / Off or scheduled reminder
  7. The Humax will update the EPG on a standby to Wake up transition

This problem would effect 'Padding' users after not turning on the Humax for 7 days and would only effect Accurate Recording if nothing at all was scheduled except a fortnightly series recording.

Work Around

Apply Item 6 above, This can be achieved by setting a daily Auto On / Off timer, e.g. Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Time and entering a Power On timer at a quite period say 5:00am and a Power Off Timer 15 Minutes later

Humax is permanently Deleting


The Humax displays '* Deleting' message permanently, preventing many normal functions from operating including recording etc.


Fix 1a

From the Custom Firmware Maintenance Mode run the following command line :-

rm /mnt/hd1/filebglastop.dat

Fix 1b

Run the Fix Disk Utility built into Custom Firmware, this will automatically try to fix the *Deleting problem

Fix 2

A reported '*Deleting' fix that does not require Custom Firmware to be installed, is to download and install version 1.01.09 via USB flash (Details Here) check to see that the '*Deleting' message is no longer being displayed and then download and install your desired (Latest) version, however it has also been reported that the '*Deleting' message can sometimes re-appear when the latest firmware is re-installed

Edited TS files lose subtitles


TS files from the Humax do not retain their subtitles after being trimmed using external editor programs.


Video-ReDo is one editor that is known to retain the subtitle stream. Selecting 'Save As M2TS' rather than saving it as a 'TS' file will create the 192 byte packet format video stream native to the Humax. All that remains to do is manually re-name the generated M2TS file back to a TS file before importing the file back to the Humax. This enables new hmt and nts files to be created using the sidecar utility. The result is an edited recording which can be played on the Humax complete with subtitles, and all playback functions like seek, fast forward, and rewind, enabled.