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Note Note: The packages on this page are now considered as non-current, they have been superseded by the New Portal. These packages lost a lot of their functionality when Humax introduced the App. based TV portal and Version 1.03.06 firmware.

Portal Xtra1

The Portal Xtra1 Package was the second generation of the original Custom TV Portal, It incorporated all the functions of the original Custom TV Portal and also had extra features

The Portal Xtra1 package cannot be installed at the same time as the original Custom TV Portal, it is compatible with the custom-portal plugin architecture, so the foscam plug-in works with this too.

How do I enable the Custom TV Portal?

It can be installed from the Standard Web-If Package Management list

How do I access the Custom TV Portal?

Once the Custom TV Portal is installed and the Humax has been rebooted, pressing the remote ‘TV Portal’ Button, will display a new Selection Menu as follows :-


Note that, as of September 2014, one cannot access BBC iPlayer using this custom portal with pre-1.03 firmware.

Humax (Portal) Custom (Portal) Apps
1.Original Humax Portal 1.Sky Player (0.9) 1.News Feed
2.BBC iplayer (no longer working) 2.Twitter 2.TV Chat
3.Internet Radio 3.Facebook (working)
4.WIKI @TV 4.AccuWeather
5.Flicker 5.Daily Express Newspapers
6.YouTube 6.Techie Buzz
7.Picasa 7.OK Magazine
8.Teletext Holidays 8.Daily Star

Xtra (More Apps.) = Menu Hidden Developer Menu
1.iVid (Italian) 1.Select News Feed (1-9) 1.Test App
2.Family Message 2.Internet Time On 2.Enter Test URL
3.Check Body 3.System Info. (not Working) 3.Scancode Test Mode ON
4.Smart Metronome 4.Web-If (Not Working)
5.Do Squats
6.Guitar Chords
7.Push Up Master Portal
8.Google (Test) 8.Whats My User Agent? 8.Home Server 192.X.X.X
9.MIT Experts (for Devs) 9.About (9) Hidden Developer Menu 9.Reload This Page

NOTE The OK key will refresh the Menus, It will also momentarily display the current TV channel next to " = Menu"

Custom TV Portal (Original)

NOTE:- The Original Custom TV portal is no longer available from the Web-If >> Packages Menu, It was replaced by Portal Xtra1, the original TV portal can be obtained from here:-


  • Humax Portal = Original Humax TV Portal
  • Our Portal = New Custom TV Portal, -- Sky Player (Subscription Required), Picasa, Twitter, Teletext Holidays, Test pages 1 & 2
  • Settings = (Options) -- a demo display of the Web-If Main page
  • Xtra Portal = Alternative Custom TV Portal (Only displayed if the Portal Xtra1 Plug-in is installed)

Portal Foscam

This package worked in conjunction with the Custom TV Portals to display video on screen from Foscam compatible cameras. It adds a section to the webif settings page for configuring the camera IP, user and password (see below) and a new button in the portal itself to launch the app.

NOTE:- the Current 'New Portal' does not support Portal Foscam


The following cameras work with this package

  • Foscam IP Web-cam
  • Wansview NCB541W
  • Storage Options SON-IPC1


  1. 1, 3, 7 & 9 are to move the image to different corners of the screen
  2. Cusror keys for up, down, left and right camera movement
  3. Green is the zoom button (full screen and then back again)
  4. Blue goes back to the portal start page
  5. Red tries to reload the page
  6. Not all functions are available on all cameras