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The Humax PVR has various ways of determining the start and stop times of it’s recordings, A schedule entry that is entered manually will not be changed by the Humax in any way, However if a new event is scheduled by picking it from the Electronic Program Guide, There are two modes of operation that can effect the actual times used for recording.

In Padding Mode it is possible to get the Humax to extend the EPG times by adding to the start and end times, e.g. :- Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Recording >> Start Padding time / End Padding Time, This will then be applied to ALL recordings, If both Start and End Padding is set to OFF, The Humax is set into the second ‘Secret’ mode known as Accurate Recording Mode or AR.

In AR mode the start time has 15 Mins. Taken from it and at this new time the Humax starts to look for a signal transmitted Over The Air, It will not start recording until the start signal is received, The recording will be stopped by another OTA signal.

It is not possible to disable both padding AND AR on the Humax andboth of these two modes disadvantages, a recording can be lost if the AR signal is not found and padding can add the end of one program onto the beginning of another when recording consecutive programs on the same channel


The Remote Schedulling portal now has an option which allows you to specifically convert a scheduled recording from AR to padding and back and customise the padding values on a per-recording basis. At present, the automatic conversion will override any specific conversions done via the RS portal - I'm working on making the two systems work more closely but for now you are safe to make specific changes to any recordings on channels flagged as leave alone in the multimode settings, any others will be overwritten on next boot.